Courageous You with Guided Meditation.

This Courageous You Guided Meditation was a difficult video to transcribe, if you think I have made errors please let me know so I can correct them.

It is however a powerful guided meditation and one you may get a lot of benefit from.

Please take the time to listen to it properly first then go through it again and follow the transcript. This may help you become a more courageous you, I hope so.

Greetings and in our guided meditation, we focus on taking it easy in generating that inner positive motivation, that energy all ready within us.

All the kind words, the beautiful encouragement, the loving hands that has supported us along our journey.

All that beautiful energy encircling us and feeding us. Our strength is growing. Our inner power is igniting.

And as we enter into our guided meditation, we enjoy the warmth, the comfort, the love from within.

So to speak again, our guided meditation, I invite you to take a slow, easy, deep breath in and slowly release the breath out.

Once again, breathe in slowly and slowly out.

And in this moment know that right where you are at you are safe.

You are supported a lot of these tours and any doubt out to be really set out.

You have arrived step-by-step choice by choice to this moment to receive this peace, this comfort.

And it’s amazing support of your strength as you are.

There’s no need to repackage yourself.

Your inner beauty is shining and it is so radiant.

We allow this to flow as we go with the flow and dive deep within.

We enter through the portal of peace this portal is our knowing that we are connected to an energy that is eternal. An energy that fuels us.

And as we arrive at our tranquil center of stillness we have arrived at the knowing a verification at that peace that that connection that knowing all the time was real.

We let these words settle in, and this process is connected to how we take in air unseen.

We did not orchestrate this process to happen.

We just know innately to do it.

Inside us this air is hydrating ourselves with oxygen.

We don’t command it to happen, but we know it’s always happening.

We release out carbon dioxide that feeds the environment, which in turn delivers us air.

And this is a symbiotic relationship between us in our paradise within we know it because we feel the certainty that this peace is real.

We know that further within us is a sanctuary of beauty of goodness, that the nexus with others who feel this energy from us, and we feel that goodness from them, we don’t have to shift or change or squeeze people in to this knowing we will feel it.

Things will add up.

We will trust it because it’s real.

And those beings who are a part of our circle of love all along, even for brief moments of our journey, overload our naivety and so overlooked our missteps and redirected us to always held in their heart, forgive and continue to hold the space for connected us to good energy so that we will arrive to her beautiful paradise.

And we are so grateful for their kindness for their mercy, their praise.

This is our circle of love, this is the energy that gives us strength.

This is a love connection that we want to exhibit to give out to others.

We owe it to ourselves to share, and to be part of this cycle of beauty.

This is the symbiotic relationship of connection.

Take a minute and allow these words just settle and take root.

Our love circles work with us and no time was in vain.

It was always teaching us, carrying the torch of goodness and kindness so that we can arrive at this moment and light the flame within us, the internal flame to treat ourselves with great love and pride.

The internal flame for us to speak beauty and kindness, to all that they have invested in that internal flame to rise, tell you to keep our head up and know that this connection is real.

We are circled by it.

Allow these words to settle in, take root and grow.

And now we are motivated more so than ever before.

To be ourselves completely openly love in our work in our words in our yes.

And in our no all comes through the path of great love.

It takes courage to be here.

It is an immense amount of strength to walk in your shoes and your circle knows.

We support you as we take a slow, easy, deep breath in and out.

We bring our attention back to the body where we feel the power and strength always running through our being.

And I invite you to repeat this meditation as often as you need.

How did you get on with that one?
Have you tried any of the others on this site?
Do you have a favourite one?

Did this help you become a more courageous you?

Feel free to leave a comment to share what you feel about these.