Bring Your Own Brain, the book. Read it here for free.

For your benefit I have broken my book, Bring Your Own Brain, into chapters to post on this site.

At this stage you cannot purchase the book, it’s not published. You can read it here and I will probably publish it later. For now, though, enjoy the read, leave comments, ask for clarification on any points or correct anything you think I have got wrong.

Cover for the book Bring your own brain.
The BYOB book isn’t published.

Introduction to Bring Your Own Brain.

The only way to get any benefit from this book is to read it several times and put the information into practice. Do the exercises, follow the plans you will create, and your life will change for the better within 21 days. I can guarantee this as everyone who has actively followed this program has achieved what they wanted to achieve. Understand that some goals will take longer than 21 days to reach and that is OK but you will learn why you need to have goals that you can reach in 21 days or less, particularly if you have never reached a goal before.

It doesn’t matter what your goal or plan is, this program will help you reach it in the shortest possible time. You will learn how to set goals in a proper manner. How to set goals which are relevant to you (not what you think you might like) and how to reach them. You will learn how powerful the human brain is and why you can truly reach for the stars with the knowledge that you can reach them. I really don’t care how much or how little education you have, what your ‘supposed’ IQ is (and why the number is actually irrelevant), how old or young you are, if you are male or female, what colour you are or even if you are married or not. None of these things are relevant to reaching your goals but all of them can be used as excuses by you to stop you achieving your goals.

The only thing which stops you reaching the goals you set is you. In fact everyone is only 6″ from everything they want from life – the 6″ between their ears. And that is what this book is about. How to take control of the most important organ in your body. Your brain is the only reason you exist at all. Your body is a life support system for the most powerful force in the universe. Everything you look at is the product of the human brain – including the planet and all nature if you believe in creation and that we are made in the image of GOD. If you don’t believe that it doesn’t matter because everything else has been created by Mankind. That should fill you with awe, if it doesn’t, ponder it for a while.

The human animal is the most vulnerable to predation of all the species on the planet. We can’t outrun the smallest meat eaters, we are too large to hide well, we don’t climb trees well, our young are completely dependant on their parents for survival for many years after birth, we are slow breeders, we can’t fly, we don’t swim well, we need clothing to keep us warm, we have to build shelters to protect us from the weather, we can’t build burrows well, we can’t see at night. What we do do well is think of ways to use other animals and tools to assist us to conquer the world and we have. Our bodies might be too generalised to be really good at anything but our brains are so generalised as to be good at everything and that is where our power really lies.

Anything any human can learn to do, every other human can also learn to do. Maybe not to the same skill level or even proficiently but we can all learn how. We are the most resilient, persistent, creative, caring, prolific and talented animal on this wonderful and insanely rich and diverse planet.

Please enjoy this book, take the information in the spirit in which it is given, take charge of your life and your goals. Take your life in both hands and live it for all you are worth this is not a rehearsal for the main event. There is nothing sadder than the person who says “If only……”. Live your life with no regrets and no excuses and you will achieve great things. Be a responsible brain owner, bring your own brain here and learn how to make it work for you.

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      Thanks for your kind words. All websites take time and effort though but the authors usually are motivated to share their thoughts and experiences.

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