Positive Affirmations help Achieve a Positive Mindset.

Why positive affirmations?  One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

I found this so useful I plan to make it part of my daily routine. It could be beneficial for you to make it part of your daily routine as well.

Thank you for listening to this meditation with motivating positive affirmations, begin by making yourself comfortable, close your eyes and begin to notice your breath.

Without changing your breath simply notice how it flows in through your nose and fills you up with life.

As it flows out, each exhale takes with it any physical and emotional tension.

Be aware of that tension as it melts away.

Today, we are going to use motivating positive affirmations.

Sometimes we may unknowingly repeat negative statements in our head or engage in negative self-talk that act as affirmations in a way, the chatter in our mind that goes on each and every day has the potential to play a strong role in our beliefs.

Each time we say these negative things, where they are told to us, we begin to believe them.

And these negative thoughts can take root and affect what happens in our lives, the choices we make and the way we interact with others.

However, we can also affect ourselves in a positive way, by repeating positive affirmations in our mind, or out loud, these too will become beliefs.

In a few moments, I will offer some positive affirmations.

I will say them one time for you to hear.

And then I will leave a moment for you to repeat them again on your own, in your mind.

As you say, each affirmation, imagine that it is already true.

Feel the positive words as you repeat them and allow them to become part of you.

These affirmations can be practiced daily.

Before we speak the affirmations take a moment to calm and clear your mind.

As you still may have thoughts going through your mind, notice them from afar as if you are an observer.

Notice your thoughts and acknowledge them by saying in your mind, thinking, and then come back to your breath and come back to the affirmations.

You can use your breath and affirmations as an anchor to keep coming back to whenever your mind wanders.

And now begin to deepen each breath in and out.

Be aware of the stillness that comes between the inhale and the exhale. And as your breath deepens, focus your attention on that stillness.

Take another slow, deep breath in making it your deepest breath yet.

And release the breath.

Empty your lungs completely and feel all of the tension in your body releasing.

And on this next breath, you find that you are deeply relaxed.

Give yourself permission to be fully supported by your surroundings and the energy from around you.

Allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of what comes with a state of comfort and positive affirmation.

Now, I will say each affirmation one time for you to hear,

And then

I will leave a moment for you to repeat them again on your own, in your mind.

As you say, each affirmation, imagine it to be already true.

Feel the positive words as you repeat them and allow them to become part of you.

Part of your belief.

Take one more deep breath before we begin.

I wake up motivated and full of energy.

I am excited to experience this beautiful life that I am creating.

I easily find the positive in everything.

I am grateful for my health.

I love and accept myself.

I make choices that align with my values and will lead me to the life I desire.

I respect myself and my body. I am comfortable with myself.

I practice self care with love.

I feel my confidence growing daily.

I know I am a beautiful person inside and out.

I am full of joy.

I commit to replacing bad habits with good positive habits.

I am not my past I am creating my own future.

I am living a life of my own design.

I have unlimited creativity drive and motivation.

I follow my dreams with passion and certainty.

I am successful and abundant in all areas of my life.

My life is filled with purpose.

I am motivated and driven and I always follow through on my goals and plans.

I let go of the past and focus on the present moment.

I have amazing strength within me.

I am worthy of love and success.

I am enough.

I am grateful for today.

And now bring your attention back to physical body and deepen your breath once more.

Bring your awareness to the present moment, to the sounds around you, to the surface below you.

And begin to slowly reactivate each part of your body from its relaxed state.

As you are gradually coming out of this state of relaxation, feel as the energy rushes back into your body, like a warm wave coming over you.

This energizing feeling brings positives, thoughts, and beliefs and these affirmations.

And when you are ready, open your eyes, knowing that you are motivated and energized, your mind is clear and confident, feeling wonderful, emotionally calm, and at peace you are fully awake and energized.

I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love and light.

What can I say about this? Did you find these affirmations helpful?

Leave a comment below.

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