The Human Body, Power and Glory.

The human body is a truly amazing piece of equipment. It can withstand huge temperature ranges, wide variations in pressure, extended periods of no/low gravity, extended periods of light or no light, can generate energy from a wide range of plant and animal material, can filter out many different types of toxic substances from air, water and food.

It has the capability to do rapid self-repair for a wide range of external and internal injuries, virus’s, bacteria and parasites. It is also able to (with the co-operation of a member of the opposite sex) replicate itself multiple times over a 20+ year period.

Animals, birds, fish, plants all have many of these capabilities so why is this amazing for human beings? The reason that this is amazing for human beings is that all of us have all of these capabilities while animals, birds, fish, plants etc have all of these characteristics within their families not in all of the members. Just try growing tropical plants in alpine climates or put your tropical fish in an unheated tank. Perhaps you would like to have a pet koala in Minsk. For animals to survive in their world they are highly specialised and are then unable to relocate and survive. This is the main cause of extinction. Human beings on the other hand are the most widely distributed creature on the planet because we are so generalised. We are able to adapt to almost any environment and not just survive but flourish.

One of the problems the original inhabitants of any country had when they first came in contact with people from a different country was their bodies inability to fight off the new diseases which were introduced. But the strength of the human body is shown by the numbers who did survive and who then passed on that newly learned ability to their children so that subsequent epidemics had a smaller and smaller effect.

If and when we make contact with races from other planets this might be the biggest threat to the human race as a whole, not the danger of intergalactic war or domination by a more advanced people. The hope would be that their metabolism is enough different from ours that there are no diseases which can cross the species barrier.

The reality is that they (if they exist at all) are highly unlikely to be closely aligned to us as human beings and the accidental biological warfare is not likely to be a problem. If they, are the risk is just as great for them as it is for us.

So, how good is the human body? It is truly amazing. It has been designed (or evolved depending on your beliefs) to be a safe and secure support system for the brain and it’s replication. It is capable of supporting the brain in a position which is safe from accidental damage, it provides the brain with some pretty good generalised sensory input devices so that it can take evasive or protective action when threatened. It continuously provides the brain with oxygen rich source of energy and removes the build up of waste produced by the cells. It maintains a stable and regulated temperature regardless of the ambient temperature or prevailing weather conditions. And it also provides the brain with some very adaptable tools which it can direct to experiment with anything it might want to try for any reason.

Some of you might take exception to the preceeding paragraph and complain that we are all more than just a support system. This is a fair argument but I would urge you to think of how well the brain operates without the support system and how well the support system operates without the brain. Got it in one. They are both essential for any sort of aware life but the support system can be kept going much longer without the brain than the brain can be kept going without the support system. That is why the medical definition of death is the cessation of brain function, not the cessation of bodily functions.

As a total package the human being is an unstoppable force and will continue to dominate this and any other planets we can colonise. What does this mean for your life? Simply that you really have no excuse to limit yourself in your life. You can and should be the best that you can be because you are built for success not failure. You have the best tools available to you to become anything you want, do anything you want, live the life you want and this book will also show you how you can be, do and live all of that.

You are a miracle, the odds of you being here at all are 1 in 10 to the power of 2,685,000. That’s a 10 with 2,685,000 zeros after it. What that really means is that there is no chance of you existing, but here you are. You miracle, go live like one.

This is not a dress rehearsal, you only get one shot at life so you might as well make the best of it.

The human body is unique, this infographic explains why you can't exist, the odds are too extreme.
The Human body can’t exist, can it?

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    thanks for visiting my blog. i wish you good fortune in finishing and publishing your book.
    i love your key points about Thich Nhat Hanh’s book Miracle of Mindfulness. It’s been on my bookshelf for years and you did a great job of pulling out the essential points.

      • Brent Milne
      • December 13, 2020

      G’Day Pamela, thanks for your encouragement and kind words about the Miracle of Mindfulness post. I have most of the book written but I need to clean it up, as I’m doing chapter by chapter as I get time.

      Probably by mid 2021 is my expectation.

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    Hi there … informative read… thank you!

      • Brent Milne
      • July 7, 2023


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