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How to bookmark the bring your own brain website for ease of use.
Bookmark Bring Your own Brain

When you bring your own brain to this site the first thing you should do is to bookmark this site.


It annoys the crap out of me, and probably you, when I want to go back to a site that I enjoyed, and I’m unable to find it again. Sometimes I can’t even remember the name of the site to search for it, and that’s not just because i’m getting older.

There is new information going on this site regularly, you may not want to miss any of it.

If that’s the case then sign up for notification of new content. You’ll get about 2 emails per week at this stage. That’s over there in the sidebar.

OK, housekeeping out of the way.

Did you bring your own brain?

When you find a video or article you like, leave a comment. I’ll reply to you or I’ll delete spam (that won’t come from you of course, that’s those other people.)

If there’s anything that you want me to clarify, comment or email me by replying to the emails I send you.

Play nice and you’ll gain the maximum benefit from your visits here.

Thanks for reading.

Nearly forgot. There is a sitemap for your easier navigation, you’ll find it here