Feel inspired and alive for the day.

Be still for this guided meditation.

Relax with this guided meditation that will help you maintain your mindfulness for the day ahead. Your activities towards your goals will seem so much easier and you’ll accomplish things today that you thought might take weeks.

Morning guided meditation.

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position, bringing your spine into straight alignment, allowing your shoulders to drop back slightly, opening up your chest and placing your hands in your lap with your palms, resting upwards, gently close your eyes and just focus in on your breath.

Let your breath be natural and easy without trying to force it or change it as you take a moment to feel gratitude and appreciation for yet another beautiful day.

Today is the perfect day for you to do everything you desire to do with ease, with joy, let yourself feel where they live inside of you.

What emotions do they bring up for you?

And if you ever find your mind wandering, just return your awareness to these words.

Today is the perfect day.

Today brings you another opportunity to follow your dream, to be the best version of yourself.

Today, you take actions.

There’s no need to put things off until tomorrow today is the day.

Allow yourself to feel excitement for this wonderful day.

Let yourself imagine the possibilities and you can affirm out loud or in your mind.

I welcome in the perfect day for me.

Today may you decide that you will see the good in everything that you do and everywhere that you go.

No matter how big or how small.

Today you make the commitment to observe everything with love and optimism.

Let yourself be open to great possibilities for today.

As you begin to feel the sense of excitement for yet another beautiful day.

You let yourself be transported to a botanical garden, rich and vibrant overflowing with hues of deep green and royal violet.

Let yourself breathe in the beautiful scents that are in this garden allow yourself to experience a feeling of peace, a feeling of hopefulness, a feeling of eagerness to explore.

As you wander around this botanical garden, you take in all of the beauty that is around you stopping every now and then to breathe in deeply.

The scents of these exotic flowers. You take note of the birds, enjoying their colourful plumage and their joyous songs.

And off in the distance you start to hear the sound of a babbling brook.

You let yourself wander through meandering trails.

As the sound gets louder and louder until through the leaves of various plants, you can see the blue water flowing gently, and you bring yourself over to a slab of rock overlooking this beautiful stream.

Just spend several breaths here, enjoying the beauty, enjoying the peace.

This space allows you to generate a feeling of pure positivity in this space.

There is nothing you need to do.

Nowhere you need to be nothing you need to change or prune.

Not only are your surroundings completely comfortable and perfect for you in this moment, you are completely comfortable and perfect as well.

Take a deep breath into this knowing and hold your breath at the top.

Whenever you’re ready, exhale a long audible sigh.

And at the bottom of this breath just return to breathing regularly.

Enjoying the peace this moment brings knowing that the feeling you’re experiencing in this beautiful sacred space is a feeling that you can take with you all throughout the day.

You deserve to feel this peaceful, this comfortable, this relaxed all throughout your day.

Today is an opportunity for you to take this Zen feeling with you everywhere you go, you have the ability to transform the world around you by tapping into this peaceful feeling.

Every situation you find yourself in throughout the day today is your day to feel how you want to feel today is your day to help others feel the way you desire to make them feel.

How do you want others to feel when they’re in your presence trust and know that today is a day that you can make that happen.

Be open and willing to experience a day that is in your highest, most loving good today.

You have the power to take this beautiful feeling you are experiencing right now and bring it with you everywhere you go.

To start, begin by feeling yourself back in this present moment, bringing awareness to your physical body, rolling your shoulders, wiggling your hips.

And when you’re ready.

Slowly open your eyes to the room around you.

And as you look around, continue to have that loving, gentle gaze that you experienced in the botanical garden.

As you look at everything that’s around you, this is a wonderful way to practice staying connected to that peaceful feeling.

Enjoy your day.

As you continue to take this wonderful feeling within you, everywhere you go.

End of guided meditation.

How did that work for you? Do you like to use guided meditation in this way or do you prefer silence?

Leave a comment if you found this helpful.